Greenpeace Messe Natur 2010 – sustainable fairstand design

claim has designed a reusable fairstand for greenpeace at the Messe Natur 2010 in Basel, Switzerland.

The concept was to produce a prefabricated stand, that can easily be assembled and disassembled by a few greenpeace volunteers. In this case it took 3 hours for the basic setup. The wooden box elements, being transport box and exhibition table and wall in one piece, can be openend and are kept in place by connection panels. The resulting wooden wall works like a pin wall or poster wall. The rough materiality was chosen to maximize the differentiation from sourrounding fair stands and to produce reusable and robust elements.

The green insets can convert the boxes for diffrent uses. They determine a box to be a container, a table, a counter or a terminal station. This flexibility in design, constellation and ease of transport makes them a starting point for other public appearances.

All the content graphic was developed and printed in house and was stapled to the walls. The stand works on several levels of detail. From a distance the black and white patterns define the 3 areas; the jungle, the palm oil production and the supermatket. On a next level, the posters on the boxes subdivide tose areas in different stations, to give a rough insight to the issue od palm oil production. The texts and photos give in depth informations in a linear way. The green insets are filled with packaging of products containing palm oil or palm oil products to relate the issue to the every day life of a visitor to the fair stand.

The fair stand has been awarded as a „Sustainable fair stand at Natur 5/10“. Der Messestand ist als „nachhaltiger Messestand an der Messe Natur 5/10“ ausgezeichnet worden.

All photos copyright by Greenpeace/Nicolas Fojtu